Diary of an Ugly Girl

My mother was born a beautiful woman, with light skin and a face made for a beauty queen. My dad, also born from a good looking family with sisters that inherited the blood of his Spanish ancestors. Unfortunately, nature rolled the dice and I ended up with all the genetic garbage, inheriting the non-ideal features from […]

Equal opportunity ass-whooping

I got my first lesson in equality when I was 9 years old. I watched my cousins play rugby, was so enamored by it, I wanted to play. I asked my cousin, but he said I couldn’t because I was a girl. I threatened him, that I’d tell my dad on him – I demanded […]


Over the course of my life, I reminisce fondly at the mistakes I’ve made.  It’s these moments that brings a lot of meaning to my life.  It shows how a scar was once a wound,  it was dark before the light,  and there was failure before success.  A lot of us fear mistakes, and there […]


She looks at the sky with a painful longing. She felt this way for as long as she can remember. There is something in the stars her heart ached for.  She had one vivid dream many years before which somehow interpreted this “longing.”  She wakes up in a starship. The room had a big window […]


As much as I like to act like a bitch, I am really empathetic to those in pain. Being ridiculed, teased, bullied, and abused in my youth, allowed me to tune in to people who are suffering. However, when I act kind, there are people that are viciously suspicious, they see me as some kind […]


I’m just a very nice and kind girl who had more than her share of abuse from sacks of shit human beings.  So,  I like to put out there that I’m a bitch. I look like a bitch and I act like a bitch. I hide my heart behind this facade, to deter those who […]


There is no perfect time to reflect on life when you can’t sleep at 2am. Upon my wakefulness,  I imagined the future,  the sadness, mostly.  I found a spot by my husband’s chest and nuzzled myself in his warmth,  knowing one day that one of us will be alone in this bed, without the familiar […]