Bitch without a Soul

Most people see me as a bitch without a soul. I rather take that as a complement. You see, I developed that persona to keep people out. It’s a defense mechanism that I acquired throughout the years of being bullied and taken advantage of. The truth is, I’m a compassionate and giving person and I protect that part of me due to other people’s tendency to want to exploit it. I truly care for people and I never judge them by superficial means as most would. I judge a person worthy by their contributions to humanity especially how they ease the suffering of others.  It doesn’t bother me that people think bad of me. After years of suffering, I learned who I truly am. I also learned, it is the strength of kindness within myself that deflect and make these opinions irrelevant.  I have learned to be compassionate to myself, especially in cases where I fucked up or showed my “humanity.” I love all these things about me. I like to see myself like a painting, it shows the different shades and strokes of who I am. I may have more darker areas than most, but that creates more contrast and brightens the  canvas even more. I put myself in display, scars and all; allow the world to judge me. But who cares, right? I’m a soul-less bitch because I don’t flaunt my good deeds for the sake of vanity. After all, no one sees the hearts I mend,  the countless times I reached out to the broken, and the times I offered reprieve to the suffering. All that I keep within, stashed inside me like priceless treasures. So when others call me names and try to take my world of its luminescence, these gems shine like the brightest star’s inside my universe. Telling them a big F*** You, and I’m fine with that (laughs). 


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