Reality and Mathematics

wpid-screenshot_2015-11-15-21-44-10.pngAs an engineer, I have this inclination to Mathematics, and that is sort of where my madness come from. I like taking eloborate equations and applying them to reality, because somehow, I truly believe in my heart, the secret that governs the universe is hidden in between those numbers. For example, take the term “balance.” In Math, both sides of an equation must be balanced. 1+2=3 or 2-5 = -3. Both sides of the equation must have the same value. Simple algebra dictates, if you move numbers from one side to another, that number must become a positive or negative to balance the equation.

1+2=3 or
1 = 3 – 2 or
1-3 = 2

No matter what, the equation demands balance. In addition, to move a variable from one side of the equation to the other, that variable takes the opposite of its normal form; positive to negative or negative to positive.

So, if you apply this in a philosophical sense, balance explains a lot why life exists. Life exists when there is a balance. The earth is the “right” distance from the sun, with the right amount of heat and cold, balance. You have to eat in moderation to prolong your life, balance. In fact, even political issues must be kept in balance to keep a society happy and strong. See how a simple math problem translate to life? Think about how many other things exist because of balance?

Finally, I come to the question of life and death. If we apply the mathematical laws of balance, then maybe when our existence in the physical world is over, we enter the opposite state, ethereal; the opposite of the physical world? Remember to move a variable one side of the equation to the other, requires that variable to be the exact opposite of its normal self. So, does that mean we also live forever, since the physical world is  transient one?

I’m entertaining myself with these ideas. I like to speculate and can’t really talk to my physicist friends, as they think it’s absurd. Maybe my ideas are absurd but I believe science is suppose to be about  curiosity and wonder. These days, it seems we became too arrogant with our science that we fail to realize that our speculations are limited by our technology…but yet we act as if we know everything and shut down those who challenge our knowledge about the world beyond the textbook theories we know so much of.

That’s too bad because these days, we need new ideas more than ever.


2 thoughts on “Reality and Mathematics

  1. There are new ideas Bukbukgirl! Electric Universe – check it out at There you will find the key to positive and negative balance in the cosmos – electromagnetism. Also look at Randall Carlson for an interpretation of Sacred Geometry. I provide links at The Daily Plasma.

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