In my humble existence, I manage to find peace and happiness. In fact I am probably happier than most people. Happiness is something that we all aspire for but there are so many of us that are unhappy, bitter, and jaded. Why is that? I really don’t know, but I can tell you from my experience, happiness is a matter of perspective. From what I learned, true happiness can only be experienced when you go through all kinds of shit in your life. Like the cliche “one can’t experience true happiness without first experiencing sadness.” This is true in many ways. It may also explain why the richest and most beautiful of us are the most miserable. Why? Their life is “comfortable.” When your life is comfortable, it’s devoid of challenge. Therefore, you have no aspiration, no goal, and no purpose. It is our struggle that taste so sweet when we conquer our aspirations. The feeling of true happiness cannot be accomplished through superficial means. Conquering the struggles which life imposes on us may bring us more happiness than money or fame.


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