Empty Gestures

I hate empty gestures.  Why do people use them?  People use empty gestures for the sake of “politeness,” as in proper social etiquette. I use them mostly to protect people’s feelings, not for the sake of being polite.  For example, I asked my colleague to get together outside of work and she has been polite […]


I went home for my grandmother’s funeral.  She is the first person that died in my life that is close to me.  Upon arrival, I was uncertain on how I felt. There was a heaviness inside me, the grief subjugated my vivacious nature leaving me quiet and still. Moments also stretched in time, making them […]

The Present

Not many people can say that they are happy with their life. I am 38 years old, have the job of my dreams, own a home, and have a loving husband and son whom I adore very much. At this point in my life, I feel the most content and happy. However, it was not […]

Bitch without a Soul

Most people see me as a bitch without a soul. I rather take that as a complement. You see, I developed that persona to keep people out. It’s a defense mechanism that I acquired throughout the years of being bullied and taken advantage of. The truth is, I’m a compassionate and giving person and I […]

Female friends suck!

I always had a bad history of being friends with people who tend to screw me. My entire life, I thought this was my problem, that something was wrong with me- being the common denominator and all. I admit, I am too nice and I eventually figured out later this was the very reason I […]

Reality and Mathematics

As an engineer, I have this inclination to Mathematics, and that is sort of where my madness come from. I like taking eloborate equations and applying them to reality, because somehow, I truly believe in my heart, the secret that governs the universe is hidden in between those numbers. For example, take the term “balance.” […]

Brown People are Racist

The media often equivocate issues to rile up people in order to get good ratings. One of the issues I often see a lot is “racism.” It’s a ubiquitous perspective that minorities are victims by the “racist white people.” They don’t say it like that, but it is implied. Yes, I agree we have racist […]