Bitch without a Soul

Most people see me as a bitch without a soul. I rather take that as a complement. You see, I developed that persona to keep people out. It’s a defense mechanism that I acquired throughout the years of being bullied and taken advantage of. The truth is, I’m a compassionate and giving person and I […]

Female friends suck!

I always had a bad history of being friends with people who tend to screw me. My entire life, I thought this was my problem, that something was wrong with me- being the common denominator and all. I admit, I am too nice and I eventually figured out later this was the very reason I […]

Reality and Mathematics

As an engineer, I have this inclination to Mathematics, and that is sort of where my madness come from. I like taking eloborate equations and applying them to reality, because somehow, I truly believe in my heart, the secret that governs the universe is hidden in between those numbers. For example, take the term “balance.” […]

Brown People are Racist

The media often equivocate issues to rile up people in order to get good ratings. One of the issues I often see a lot is “racism.” It’s a ubiquitous perspective that minorities are victims by the “racist white people.” They don’t say it like that, but it is implied. Yes, I agree we have racist […]


In my humble existence, I manage to find peace and happiness. In fact I am probably happier than most people. Happiness is something that we all aspire for but there are so many of us that are unhappy, bitter, and jaded. Why is that? I really don’t know, but I can tell you from my […]


You size me up from head to toe. “I’m prettier than you” you tell yourself, so you may feel better. You go on your entire life judging other’s mistakes, and you feel entitled for doing so because you’ve done everything “right” your entire life. You feel you are the perfect female role model, always going […]